Wednesday, November 11, 2009

tenticles aren't the same as vines.

im a sucker for anything honeysuckle. i dont know why. it's a horrible plant that sucks all the life out of any other plant it gets its shiny green [tenticles] leaves around. it's simple flowers aren't special. but i love it. enough that i smell like it when i can find its scent to spray on me (and bath and body works has granted my wish with that fragrance spray. 12$ for a bottle of body spray? fine. but jus for thou, oh wild honeysuckle.) i like it enough that i'll totally let it grow all over my yard (you know, eventually, when i dont live in a dorm room) and i'm going to wear it all up in my hair in my wedding, and in my bouquets. (sadly, my maid-0f-honour's mother is highly allergic. i hope she holds her breath when we hug.) i scent my letters with it. oh, honeysuckle.

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