Sunday, October 9, 2011

Lost in Cyberspace

i dont have any idea what ive been eating or doing for the past few days except whats in my lightbox...(bad blogger.)
oh! i totally won my first ever giveaway, ive entered ALL of P-Dubs. i won some Bella Bars ( from Gliding Calm! (
i cant wait to get them!
lets get to some gf/df eats!
submarina salad with pickles, pepper-o-cinis, turkey breast, avocado, bacon, salt and peppah. honey mustard on the side. nooch on top, and root beer to chug. submarina salads WHOOP UP on subway. (also some pop chips on the side.)
at some point, i had scrambled eggs on a gf hamburger bun, with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and franks. spicy mustard smeared on the bun, nooch on top. it was not really very delicious. i dont know why it wasnt though.
i redeemed my free birthday postcard from starbucks for an iced venti salted caramel mocha. (soy.) it was free, why not try something new? it was a little heavy on the mocha and the soy flavor was strong. it was okay though. when i go to starbucks, i tell them my name is dallas, because darien is too hard for them. the girl that took my order made my day- she wrote 'happy bday dallas star!' on my cup.
for dinner that night, we did blackened cajun salmon, which was BOMB.COM, with asparagus, mushrooms (too salty) and polenta (seriously lacking cheese. le sigh.).
i ate eighty-seven strawberry hi-chew at the movies when we saw 50/50.
seriously, i love hi-chew.
last but not least. bbq ribs (delicious) roasted (nasty) potatoes and stovetop braised cabbage (yum).

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