Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I think my brain is melting

i'm a psychology student and nearly finished with my undergrad stuff. each term at my current school is only eight weeks long- and i'm skipping the eighth week of class to go on vacation in vegas. so that actually means i have seven weeks to do eight weeks of work and also live life at least a little. only i don't have too much of a life. mostly housewifing and schooling. still, that's a lot of homework when i'm already taking a double load at school. also i maybe procrastinated a little bit and now i'm in week six with lots of papers to write. whoops.
in the meantime, i've still been packing lunches for skyler and snacks for class. i even took pictures! you probably aren't as impressed with that part as i am. well...you should be.
more crackers and trader joe's cocoa almond butter for my classmate and i. same old glutino crackers on the left, but a new kind on the right. 
i rather like them. they're very light and crispy, but don't just dissolve to mush when you start chewing. i'm a big fan, and will definitely get them again. i do still very much enjoy the glutino crackers. they have a similar texture to a ritz cracker - only not buttery and less crisp. more crunchy than crisp, if that makes sense. anyway, the van's crackers are definitely different, but i loved them.
monkeyman's lunch was a boring one, but he doesn't mind. he's pretty much a saint - he's happy as long as there's a yogurt there. clockwise from left: trader joe's blueberry greek yogurt, carrots and peanut butter, miso paste (so he can just mix it with hot water at work for broth to sip), broccoli and cheese stuffed chicken with rice, togarashi, fig bar, oddball trail mix (banana chips, walnuts, dried cranberries, and wasabi peas), and edamame.
all packed up.

maybe i complain about homework a little...or a lot...but i don't really mind too much. i've always been the weirdo who liked school. i was the valedictorian in high school. (not a big deal considering the itty bitty school, but i'm pretty proud). and i'm excited to go to grad school. so despite my complaining, i really don't mind. but, i do still feel like my brain is melting out my ears.


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