Thursday, February 7, 2013

Too Much Starbucks and Monkeyman's Lunch

i received something from starbucks the other day, commemorating way too much money and time being spent there. what can i say? i'm a college student. we basically run on starbucks. whatever, i'm now a proud gold member.
drink of choice? matcha green tea soy latte, extra hot, no syrup, extra matcha. seasonal flavors? salted caramel frappuccino. feeling boring? thanksgiving blend, vanilla syrup, and cream. (that last one tastes like burnt marshmallow and i like it.)

so, moving on to my snack in class wednesday night. wednesday is family and systems theory psychology and we got out a little early - which is a fun treat, because this teacher usually likes to stay close to the full three hours with no breaks. it's alright though, because he is one of my favorite professors ever, i have a ton of respect for him. the snack? right, i'm getting right to that part. it was trader joe's cocoa almond butter and glutino cheddar crackers again! this time packed with my Lunchbots dips containers. (there's double because i shared with a friend who always brings me mcdonalds sweet tea!)
i really like the lunchbots dips. they are very small, but hold more than enough nut butter or small dried fruit - like raisins or cranberries. they also would be a good size to keep cheese separate from salad, little nuts or seeds, and they're leak resistent so dressings and dips are a good choice.

since my snack was especially boring (and a repeat), i took a couple pictures of monkeyman's lunch to show y'all how i do it and just why his coworkers are super envious.
 today he got lemon, garlic, parmesan, and herb roasted chicken and veggies and some plain steamed rice for his main meal. on the sides (clockwise from left) are freeze dried cinnamon apples, edamame with shichimi togarashi (japanese spicy red pepper spice blend), trail mix (i ate all the walnuts out...rude...and replaced them with vanilla yogurt raisins. i'm glad my man doesn't mind me stealing the walnuts too much!), a whole wheat natural raspberry fig bar (i'm highly gluten intolerant, but skyler is not, and he loves these bars. they're like healthy fig newtons!), dried berry mix we got as a sample from with our last order), carrots with peanut butter, and a raspberry chobani. it looks like a lot, but he doesn't usually get a chance to eat it all, or just doesn't want to eat it all. today he brought home the edamame, peanut butter, trail mix, and dried fruit. he also came home a little early.
that's all she wrote folks!

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