Monday, March 25, 2013

addicted to dates

after our lovely paleo demon/class last week, my father in law bought a couple of pounds of medjool dates at the farmers market to split with me for a sauce recipe featured at the demo. we split the two pounds of dates, went on about our lives, and my share sat on my counter. then i nibbled one and was shocked at how sweet. then i remembered that dates wrapped in bacon (and sometimes stuffed with cheese or nuts) and then baked is a popular snack and appetizer.
 let's just say i'm totally hooked. i honestly don't know if there will be any left by the time i plan to make the balsamic date sauce for the pulled pork in the crock pot. i'm just crossing my fingers that trader joe's will have some to get us through til next weeks farmers market. it's important. (also, i know skyler is hooked on a salsa he found at the farmers market, so i doubt it'll be too difficult to convince him to go on saturday morning.)

skyler's lunch today was pretty fabulous, if i do say so myself. (and i do.) we used three of our four lunchbots and one of our two lunchbots rounds...methinks we will need more lunchbots before i start grad school, or need picnic stuff for when my nieces visit this summer. (by the way, i am SO excited that they will be coming out for a couple of weeks!)
clockwise from veggies: raw carrots and baby sweet peppers (to dip in the farmers market crack...i mean salsa); strawberry greek yogurt; afore mentioned salsa; whole wheat raspberry fig bar; grilled chicken breast with cilantro lime Bitchin' Sauce and creamy lemon sauce; tangy coleslaw; icebox pickles and pickled onions; tomato salad.

i'm so proud of my husband for always having a good attitude for eating healthy lunches. he is always happy to take a lunch that i've packed him (and says his coworkers are jealous), and it saves tons of money. especially compared to most of his coworkers, who buy lunch out every day. i'm proud of my man!

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