Friday, April 26, 2013

getting behind and brand dropping

it's been awhile, but i missed you. i really did. now, i didn't miss you enough to stop what i was doing for the last...several...days. (by several days, i obviously mean nearly two weeks or so.) one of my besties was here with her husband and their two big dogs. we had fun. we went to disneyland, fiesta island with the dogs (off-leash dog beach on mission bay in san diego), went to a local dairy, shopped, ate, went to the farmer's market, played board games, watched movies, watched game of get the idea.

i have a recap post with some fun pictures of stuff and food and puppies and tiaras to come, but i didn't feel like a monster post. instead, i'm ready for some brand name dropping. you see, there aren't a huge number of things i feel should be brand name. i like bargains and i'm all for costco or store brand things. however, sometimes a brand name means you pay for quality. i know you know what i mean. we've all tried the off brand toilet paper, and promptly gone scurrying back to the good stuff. your rear end and various other places appreciate the good stuff. there are precious other things that i really insist need to be the good stuff. coca cola needs to be name brand. televisions and radios do not. in the kitchen is where this preference comes into big time play. i've had lots of off-brand things in the kitchen...and have trashed most of them. your stand mixer needs to be high quality, whether you prefer cuisineart or kitchenaid (i hugely prefer kitchenaid.). your knives need to be high quality (wusthof, zwilling, and shun are very high quality. but buy them from a good place, not in big box store sets...mmmkay?).

lastly, cookware. you know those big sets of nonstick pans from walmart or target? walk away. it's garbage and when the teflon flakes off, it could give you cancer. for real, it's bad stuff. i live on the wild side and tend to keep a nonstick pan in my cabinet for things like eggs, but i trash it the moment it starts showing signs of being worn. so what to use instead? well, a lot of people like stainless steel cookware. i don't, i can't figure the stuff out. everything sticks forever and stays there forever and then i cuss and throw things. i prefer enameled cast iron. this is where the brand name comes into play. Le Creuset. i have a few baking dishes from le creuset, and they are amazing. easy to clean, sturdy, and heavy (good heat distribution!). and my enameled cast iron skillet and i have a love affair. it'll last forever with some love and i use it
Source, i have this one. i love it.
Source, and this one.
Source, and this one.

i use each of these items often. the covered dish a bit less than the others right now, but it gets it fair share of cook time too. since we always try to watch our pennies, i don't purchase new cookware very often. le creuset items aren't cheap, but you pay for quality with these things. the warranty is good and these are heirloom quality items. ya dig? i have a wishlist of items to add to my beautiful and useful collection, check them out.

there are a few items i would hope to collect multiples of (the large multipurpose mixing bowl and loaf pans, for example.) hey, a girl can dream, right?!

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