Tuesday, April 9, 2013

ugly food tastes good

i was taking a photo of my breakfast today and monkeyman's lunch and it occurred to me that they were ugly. really ugly. but it all tasted really good. poor photography doesn't help much, but i'm not a fabulous photographer and my camera is my iphone 4s. i've gotten a couple of great shots accidentally, but not today.
my breakfast today: leftover japanese sweet potato heated in a pan with some bacon; leftover southern style greens; and some tangelo from our CSA. i squeezed a little tangelo juice over my greens and thought it was a great way to freshen it up. i'm going to keep that in mind.

these are the potatoes i used. it's a japanese variety that i picked up from the farmer's market just for the novelty. to the left is the largest egg ever (super jumbo sized) and the three potatoes. they were a little over two pounds each. i cooked them by wrapping them in foil and throwing them in the hot oven for a couple of hours. i think the crock pot would have also been a good option for cooking them, since they took so long. however, that did not occur to me until just now. after they were cooked and cooled, i just peeled the skin off and plopped them in a dish to stick in the icebox to use for whatever. (mostly in a pan with bacon. i'm just saying.)

skyler's lunch was extra fabulous today. whenever i take time to marinate and cook meat or veggies, i try to make way more than i know we need for dinner. cook once, eat twice? we eat three or four times usually, just re purposing things for whatever sounds good.  this weekend, i marinated some flap steak in a great spicy chipotle lime marinade, then grilled it the next day. i also marinated and grilled a couple of chicken breasts. it was probably around three or four pounds of meat, which is a lot for two people. (we entertained for lunch with it too, but it's still a lot.) but we will use it for a lot of things, from salads to egg scrambles.
skyler's lunch, clockwise from carrots: carrots and baby peppers; whole wheat blueberry fig bar (this doesn't fit in with a primal diet, but he love them and the ingredient list is short); salsa; plain greek yogurt with raspberry jam; a big bag of coconut macaroons to share with his coworkers; grilled veggies; leftover grilled flap steak; and creamy avocado sauce for dipping.

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