Thursday, January 16, 2014

posting meals again

i'm back to the grind with grad school. i had a great winter break (my parents came to visit from texas and i spent some nice time with them and my husband for christmas). but now i'm back in school for my second semester as a grad student. i have to say, this semester is rough. huge amounts of homework are really weighing me down! thank goodness i have a great man who is incredibly encouraging, and enough time management skills to feed us, keep the house going (with some help from him!), and stay on top of school. in fact, i have to spend the next two weeks getting ahead on school work so i can spend nine days with my girlfriend who is due with her first baby soon!)

we managed to make time for a trip to disneyland yesterday (the only day in two weeks we both had off) and ate huge baked potatoes. classic for her, barebeque chicken with coleslaw for him.
they were super tasty, and a good price. definitely a spot we will keep in mind! after we were done at the park and got back to our car, we realized we were in prime time for traffic. what would be around an hour drive to get home would take at least three times that long if we left right then. so we did the best we could think of and went to eat at Joe's Crab Shack in Garden Grove. I know, it was a real sacrifice. (yeah right, i could live on crab legs and corn on the cob.)

over the last week, i managed to snap a couple of photos of what our packed meals have been looking like. it was going to be my main focus of this blog and i've really been slacking in that department! i plan on doing a post in the near-ish future about my weekly food prep. it saves so much time and  money. these last two weeks, i've been slacking there too, and i notice a difference.

lunch one day for my husband:
from top: pulled pork with roasted cauliflower and broccoli; snap pea crisps; greek yogurt; carrots with dijon ranch or hummus for dipping; pepperoni bites; cheese cubes; kind bar; fruit leather

my packed dinner for school one night:
from top left: leftover barbeque rib meat with pan fried sweet potatoes and cajun seasoning; fruit leather; hummus and cucumbers; and apple slices soaked in pineapple juice (to keep from browning and add some yummy flavor). there is also a small container of fruit dip i didn't end up eating. actually, i don't think i ate the fruit leather either.

there you have it! they're simple meals, but they're healthy and affordable. and mighty tasty, if i do say so myself...

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