Thursday, February 4, 2010

ferris wheels

i rode a ferris wheel at a rodeo in texas with a boy once upon a time. here's the kicker, i hate tall, spinning, fast...things. roller coasters are out of the picture. ferris wheels were a no-no. but i really liked that boy and i trusted him. so we handed over our tickets on a sunday afternoon and up and around we went. um...i loved it? yeah, totally. loved sharing it with boy, and the wind and the sun and the view. it was wow. and it was only a little one. (p.s., i also trusted him enough to let him drag me off to disneyland and ride a couple rides there. that i never would've ridden before i trusted the idea.) (oh, he also proposed that day. i did like that part a lot. and space mountain. but whatev.) moral of the story? i trusted someone who loved me and got rewarded with wind and sun and smiles and happiness. score? i think yes.

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