Sunday, February 7, 2010

the snow is playing tricks on me

first, it dumps millions of inches of snow on us. then starts to melt away. good news because the snow was going away. bad news because the pretty white snow got all brown and gray and muddy. then two days ago it starts snowing again. rude! i hate that. anyway, down comes the snow. and i go off shopping yesterday, right? (for the record, i'm looking for a pretty little white dress to wear to get married in. that has nothing to do with the snow except to explain why i was out in it. moving on.) i went shopping alone and for some reason, the mall was filled with every teenaged girl in the greater omaha area looking for party dresses. i have no idea why. i didn't find anything though, and went to leave to find a delicious juice. (i found the juice. it was delicious.) and this snow was falling again, and everytime i hit a stoplight, these huge fluffly flakes were landing on my windshield and melting. it made me very sad that they were melting like that.
and i still don't know why.

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