Saturday, October 1, 2011


pioneer woman is one of my favorite people. no, ive never met her. but i adore her. i like how she puts real cream in her coffee like i do. i also like her recipes and style of writing. my grandmother bought me her first cookbook for christmas last year and i read it cover to cover like a novel. then i cooked. the food is good and simple and tasty. they all also have flour and butter and cream. because shes from the south. (probably another reason i like her.) and theres another cookbook coming out. ill buy that one too, even though i cant eat it. this makes me sad.
so i guess i have to figure out how to gluten-free and dairy-free everything p-dub does.
(uhm...what do you use thats cream-like but isnt from a cow?)
yesterday was the first FULL day of this new thing. (except that i snagged a bite of something with cheese and felt guilty. then i had coffee with a tablespoon of cream. i regreted that decision.)
my husband requested taco salad for dinner. thats an easy one to make gluten/dairy-free!
bed of baby greens topped with rice that we seasoned with salt, lime, and cilantro.
then ground meat with cumin, chili powder, cilantro, salt, pepper, and garlic.
previously frozen fire-roasted corn and sauteed yellow bell pepper. his had smoked shredded cheddar cheese. mine had goat cheese (a bit too much, actually.) topped with salsa and more lime.
this is not a tub of cream cheese. it doesnt taste like cream cheese. i ate it again, just to make sure it doesnt taste like cream cheese. it still doesnt.
i had it smeared on two corn tortillas this morning with scrambled eggs (salt, pepper, garlic powder) and hot sauce.
it was a really gross breakfast.
the cream cheese that isnt cream cheese...maybe i can use that in somethig that masks its taste but adds texture to it?
the eggs were fine. whats to hate?
the tortillas, however. BLARGH.

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