Monday, October 17, 2011

Recap! (Monster Post)

as i said yesterday, i think i lost some pictures to cyberspace in my many phone changes. i do have some though, so lets get started in my gf life!
i ate a chipotle-style rice bowl. cilantro-lime rice, mexican seasoned chicken, corn, onions, bell peppers, daiya cheeze, and salsa. this was a yummy meal, but chipotle still does it best!
this is something that i didnt think i would ever get again! its a jamba juice pumpkin smash smoothie, but with some brain-storming, the sweet girls at jamba made it dairy free! (if youre interested, just ask them if they will make it with sorbet instead of fro-yo. all jamba smoothies are already gf!) it was so cool and refreshing on a hot day and felt so good on my tummy after a BAD gluten attack the night before. (dont assume things are gf. read labels, and learn from me. thanks.)
this was supposed to be shrimp nachos. we were really low on cheese and cheeze though, so its more like chips and stuff. it was tortilla chips with chopped up mexican seasoned shrimp, onions sauteed until dark, cheeze, salsa, lime, jalapenos...i think that was it. they were good though.
flavor twist fritos honey bbq flavor- gf and df and delicious!!!
one night we had breakfast for dinner (who doesnt love THAT?!). gf pancakes, berry compote, eggs, and maple breakfast sausage. i was worried about the gf pancake/baking mix. i was wrong. they were excellent, and we couldnt tell the difference between those and 'normal.' (the package says to use water, and i used vanilla coconut milk instead.) the berry compote was frozen mixed berries dumped in a saucepan with a few spoons of jam, then it was cooked down. this baking mix is so good, and i cant wait to use it for other things and experiment. (it does have some dried buttermilk in it. just keep that in mind if you are allergic or intolerant. it didnt seem to give me any trouble, but im avoiding cow dairy due to my digestive tract being messed up from gluten, not lactose intolerance.)
one night was quinoa spaghetti with meat sauce. ground pork, mushrooms, onions, basil, oregeno, crushed red pepper, and jarred sauce. (a touch of daiya again.) nothing special, but it was comfort food.
we went to BJ's Brewhouse one day, curtesy of my in-laws. they have gf crust! i didnt get any pictures, but i had the gf crust with a portabello topping. it had some caramelized onions, mushrooms, balsamic reduction, and sheep feta. i also had a simple salad with some honey mustard and balsamic dressing. (two dressings are greater than one.) our waiter was incredible- he checked and rechecked my food, had a pizza remade at one point because the put cow cheese on it. checked ingredients in cheeses. because it took a little longer, he even brought me a free bowl of tomato bisque! i couldnt eat it due to the cream, but it is one of my favorite soups (and he made sure it was gf!), and gave it to my mother-in-law. he was SO SWEET. (the pizza was excellent too, by the way. highly recommended. they have a great, extensive gf menu.)
i made gf brownies the other day from a mix (i used this mix from bobs red mill, and made it dairy free by using applesauce in place of the melted butter. i also added a WHOLE bag of chocolate chips. these brownies were great! i wish i had taken a picture when they were hot and melty, but i was too busy shoveling them into my face. (my husband also did this.) they were moist, fudgy, and ridiculous. this picture i have now is not as pretty as they were when they came out of the oven, but its still so good. and it made a huge pan, a 9x13 cake pan full of brownies. i highly recommend these (with chips), gf or not. they were great. no weird aftertastes or textures, and not too sweet. intense chocolate flavah.
last but not least, i got very excited in the grocery store yesterday when i read on the liquid coffee mate creamers, that they are gf/df. yay! i love sweet, creamy coffee. adore it. i also love lots of flavors. lucky me! i bought the creme brulee flavor, which i had never had before. i like it very much.

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