Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Smilings My Favorite

(also food is my favorite. lets not kid ourselves.)
i had to give a blood sample yesterday and get a flu shot. i also have teeny, shy veins, so i had to give the sample through my hand.
so i had skittles to make me feel better. skittles, by the way, are gluten and dairy free.
then i ate soup.
this was chicken and dumplings. i just cooked some chicken, onions, and chopped carrots with seasonings and soup base. added water, then dumpling mix made from pamelas gf baking mix. (i used the directions on the bisquik box though.) i think i cooked them too long, they were gummy in the middle. still very tasty though!
then i ate soup again.
this stuff from thai kitchen wasnt bad. it was a little bland, but super quick and easy. (just like cup noodles.) i added a little salt to my bowl and that helped. (gf because of the rice noodles. dairy free because asian food rarely has dairy.)
my favorite meal from lately though was this one- in-n-out. theyre very gluten friendly and if you tell them you have an allergy, theyll take note and take special precautions. in fact, the only thing on the menu with gluten are the buns, and the only dairy is the cheese and milkshakes. awesome.
i had fries, well done (that means extra crispy) with extra special sauce and extra grilled onions. i also had a hamburger, no bun, with lettuce, tomato, grilled onions, and special sauce. im not going to lie, the best part is the soft, grilled bun. but it was still excellent! next time we do burgers, im trying five guys. (also gluten friendly, from what i hear!)
heres one last photo! gooey...chocolately...warm...
(for the record, i sent the rest of these to work with skyler because they were trying to take over my tiny kitchen and my tummy.)

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