Saturday, November 5, 2011

Gluten Free PF Chang's Fakeout (And Hot Dogs.)

after having that amazing meal at PF Chang's (and NOT getting sick!) I couldn't stop thinking about the Mongolian Beef i had for my entree.
chinese food is notoriously difficult to prepare at home because of the need for very high stovetop cooking temperatures. also because soy sauce tends to have gluten. dont buy that kind, okay? (buy tamari or la choy brand.)
turns out, PF Chang's has the exact recipe posted online, and its super duper easy!
i didn't have soybean oil, and used a little smart balance instead. dont be like me, use an odorless oil- soybean, canola, etc. I used a bit of extra brown sugar in my rendition and served my husbands with red pepper flakes. otherwise, i followed the recipe exactly and served it with rice. it was AMAZING and my new go-to asian recipe.
just looking at this picture makes me want to cook it again.
anyway, moving on to the hot dog portion.
i got this CRAZY craving for hot dogs last night. i dont know what came over me, but the shrimp and polenta i had planned was not going to cut it.
well, the only stuff i had for hot dogs was ketchup and mustard. groan.
i went off the the store and bought Udi's gf hot dog buns, nathan's natural casing hot dogs (natural casing is so much better than any other), some tomatoes, and pickles. we were going to have chicago style dogs! we had some sweet potato chips on the side.
holy MOLY, did this HIT.THE.SPOT! i highly recommend a hot dog once in awhile- its good for the soul.
before i go, check out this cute picture of my fur-babies

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