Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Weird Appetite and Honeycrisp Applesauce

my appetite has been super wonky lately. i get hungry but nothing sounds good. why bother eating if nothing sounds less than revolting? because my husband gets mad at me when i dont take care of myself. (i can understand that sentiment.)
he took me to Five Guys one night (after finishing up christmas shopping for my dad) and i had a bunless burger with pretty much everything on the extensive list of toppings. they forgot my mustard and mayo, so i ended up getting that on the side. (they did change gloves, utensils, and double check to make sure they were using the right grill when i explained my need for gf.) and we shared some cajun fries, which are alway bomb. i really think they are worth the calories, since we get them so infrequently. i know theyre the 'worst fries in america' because of their calorie count. but theyre the 'best fries in america' based on taste and texture. know, yum. at first i was disappointed in my burger because it really tasted like it needed the starchy bread to make it complete. instead, i ate each bite with a bit of my share of the fries- perfect!
i also got one of these delicious candies from world market that ive been slowly nibbling. they are so sweet- basically pure maple sugar. they just have such an intense, good flavor though.
other than that, everything ive prepared for my husband and i has been uninspiring. im lucky to have such a sweet, easy to please man. we had some enchiladas last night that skyler loved- i threw mine away.
ive been eating a lot of this though- frozen waffle with pumpkin butter or blackberry jam smear and an over medium fried egg on top. salt and pepper.
it just works best when nothing else is appealing. its pretty darn good.
also, applesauce has been sounding good. i finished a jar of motts i had in my fridge and decided it was dumb to buy another jar during apple season - HFCS? no thanks.
i went and bought about three pounds of dirt cheap honeycrisp apples.
then i sat in the floor and peeled them. i cut up the flesh into hunks and dropped them in a pot. (i also nibbled the cores a little.)
sprinkled in a bit of brown sugar, honey, the juice of a lemon and cinnamon in the pot with about half a cup of water. then i just let it cook down for about half an hour or so until they started to break down.
so heres where you would leave it if you like your applesauce chunky:
but i like mine smooth, so i dumped it into Olga (thats what i named my kitchenaid.) until it looked like this:
just store it in the fridge for up to about two weeks. play with the spices and sweetness though! try orange juice or cranberry juice instead of water. a bit of maple syrup. add some ginger, allspice, nutmeg, whatever. play with difference kinds of apples- fuji or gala and grannysmith would also be a good combination!

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