Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Remembering to be Positive

eats have been boring lately. nothing exciting, really. sure, im still cooking, but nothing out of the norm. turns out im not one to post every bite that passes my lips. thats alright. plus, i went to visit my family in texas with my husband. those were super simple gf eats-my parents and podunk texas are not full equipped to handle gf. they were so sweet though, finding some new sort-of disposable cutting boards to prevent cross contamination, and my dad picked up some Udi's from a big name store in dallas when he got us from the airport.
i think im really posting today as more of a journal entry than a food post. (truthfully, im so busy trying to not get sick that my energy is sapped when it comes to creating new things. given some time, ill do better.)
i have a hard time not criticizing. my husband is incredible, but i dont remember to praise him when he does something awesome. thats not fair to him. he works hard! he does the dishes and cleans the kitchen almost every night. cleans the kitty litter box. (okay, that was one of the conditions of getting the darn cats. i dont do litter boxes if i dont have to. but still, he does it.) and he does everything with a happy heart. gosh, he thanks me for running the dishwasher.
im not sure where im going with this.
i guess i just want to be more positive!

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  1. ive been working on that a lot lately to! Appreciating the others around me, and what I have. Trying to be more compassionate. Trying to be more positive, etc.

    so sweet of them to make adjustments to provide for your gf-eating!!!

    happy week, Darien!