Thursday, July 5, 2012

Babies, Crazy-eyes, and Wasabi Punches

i clearly have been a real slacker with posting. i thought this would be a food blog, because i love reading them. i realize that it just sucks to take pictures and document it all. frankly, just because it's a pain to upload them all for each post. i know picture-laden posts are the best for food. but i dont wanna.. so now what? who knows. i'll just write when i feel like it and give updates and enjoy this little outlet. but food and cooking and baking is a big part of my life, i love it. so it's not like it's going away. it'd be sad to not post pictures of my gf creations, give reviews of products, or put up photos of an extra beautiful sushi dinner.

and tell everyone that one of my besties just had her second baby, a beautiful boy. and that my other bestie's husband will finally be back from his long tour saving the world! and my husband's sister is pregnant and getting married, and we are all super excited! it's a good, busy summer.

speaking of updates, check out these handsome puppies. skyler's dream golden retriever (who is shaping up to be a nice dog, finally!) and my dream standard poodle. they adore each other. udi follows around his big brother everywhere, and they roughhouse and wrestle like any little boys. i'm trying to enjoy them being puppies, but they are i honestly can't wait for them to be all grown up and trained. at the same time, i don't want to miss out on anything. they seem less like companions right now and more like a job than anything else, is what i'm getting at. i'm glad we have them though, they make us laugh.

i got my eyes dilated for the first time ever and ended up with crazy eyes!
 oh yeah, it was bizarre. i got a root beer float from dq on the way home and totally wigged out the guy in the drivethru. bahaha!

i created something fancypants for skyler's grandmother's (we call her grandbee) birthday. she loves pastels and flowers, so i made a cupcake rose bouquet!
it came out pretty well, if i do say so myself. and i do say so. (check out the chocolate butterflies!)

gave udi a bath, and he pouted.

it's a hard life as a poodle puppy.

we went to AnimeExpo 2012 and had a blast. i'm not a huge anime fan, but the hubby and all his friends are. but when 120k people converge to do costumes and panels and shop and things, you're bound to have a good time. and i do every year! i was totally fail at getting a lot of pictures of costumes and things, but believe me when i say that there were a lot of impressive ones. i love the Copic booth and classes. (Copic is the premier brand of art marker, and is widely used for anime and manga. it's so great to use though for any art, and i love my small collection.) in fact, i met the woman who designed most of the creatures (including jar jar binks) for star wars. i even had a chat with the man who wrote The Last Unicorn, which was my very favorite movie (along with the Wizard of Oz) for years. i still have it on dvd, and i intend to take it to him to sign next year. he was very pleasant!

we also have eaten a lot of chipotle.

made caramel marshmallow popcorn.

and become addicted to these
these are Trader Joe's Wasabi Roasted Seaweed snacks and they're ridiculous. other brands (like SeaSnax) make a wasabi flavored product too, but they don't hold a candle to these. they're perfectly crispy, salty, and pack a huge wasabi kick. the other brands are mild and a bland next to these. the tj's brand of snacks is a nasal-clearing punch in the mouth. and i'm addicted.

that's all folks, the puppies call!


  1. whoa on the crazy eyes yo that picture is awesome!

  2. 1) yes WASABI SEAWEED IS MY FAV! I have yet to try the TJ's brand though. LAME

    2) PUPPIEEEEEEEES! How adorable!!

    3) Chipotle is bomb. I approve! ;)

    4) send some of that popcorn this way... it looks amazing!! :)