Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A New Year

despite a severe lack of blogging, life goes on. thanksgiving passes (i made whiskey glazed carrots, crustless southern chess pie, and cranberry sauce). then christmas comes along (i hosted and made brisket, kale mashed potatoes, and lord only knows what else). new years, i shared a midnight kiss with my fabulous husband. my first nephew was born soon after. he's a real handsome little man, might i add.
i went through a rough spot before and around the holidays though. i was taking too many classes, stressing about my gpa, and had a terrible attitude. it was highly irritating to get nearly all the way through my bachelors just to find my college requires a few ridiculous freshman level classes. taking them last was terribly frustrating, and i let my gpa slip a bit in exchange for a little sanity. i was taking several classes that had nothing to do with my gpa- classes i didn't at all just because of some GIBill technicalities. classes are going better this go around, even though i'm still taking too many. better yet, this is my very last term (terms are only eight weeks long in my accelerated program) before i'm totally done with my bachelors in psychology.  better yet - i'm skipping my last week of classes to go to vegas for my anniversary with my man and best friend (and HER husband for their anniversary!). talk about a great way to celebrate a three year anniversary and graduating with my second degree.
so whats next? i've been a contributor to a facebook group for pregnancy and parenting (though i'm not pregnant, nor am i a parent), because my best friend started it and i occasionally have some worthwhile contributions. being well read, slightly crunchy granola, baby crazy, and a psych major have some perks. i even started drawing again, for the first time in years. it feels like home. considering you can't do a whole lot in the psych field with a bachelors degree, i'm headed to grad school. i'm working on getting into california baptist institute for the marriage and family therapy program, with a licensed professional clinical counselor focus. it's a great school, and fairly prestigious. i even have made a good friend in my year at my current school, and am VERY excited that we will be attending CBU together for (probably) the entirety of the program. it'll make the commute much better, and homework less intimidating. it'll be a long road, but well worth it to be able to practice as a marriage and family therapist, which is my ultimate goal.
in the meantime- school, puppies, husband, and housewife stuff. i'm still loving cooking and trying to always be healthy and creative and stick to real food. grad school will be grueling, but only a couple days a week. i'm hoping to be able to blog about the lunches i (and maybe my friend) pack. who can afford to eat out that often? not me, i have a starbucks addiction to feed. a couple days a week we will be at school (~1 hour commute) for around nine 6 hours, not including any extra study time we need up there, and itll be afternoon/evening/night. no way is this girl not gonna be with food and snacks! my husband even bought me a lunchbox to use (a companion cube lunchbox from portal!).
i cant even imagine what it'll be like to be at a "real" college. i attended a tiny satellite campus at a junior college, and the school i'm in now is also smaller. i haven't had a single class with more than twenty people, and that was the largest by far. that will be a whole new adventure, and i am so ready.

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