Monday, March 4, 2013

just being monday

monkeyman and i went to costco today for...stuff. i don't even know what all we got at this point. lots of strawberries and other produce. including the first asparagus of the season - my favorite! i love costco's produce. seriously some of the best around. it often is local too! anyway, while we were there, we saw this:
baby grand pianos. that is more random than usual.

i also saw these!

the individual ones i bought at target a long time ago for a trip to the zoo, but the box of four i saw at costco. it's like grown up lunchables, and many are gluten free. the pack at costco included only gluten free flavors and added up to $2.50 a pack, which is about $1.50 cheaper than individually at target. they're actually really delicious! it's got lots of little snacky things in it, so it's fun too. it's also all real food, so you aren't stuck eating franken-food. i enjoyed that it even included a little dessert, like a two bite piece of dark chocolate! i'm a big fan. i wouldn't buy them for an every day thing because they are more expensive than just packing my lunch and snacks, but they're perfect for outings like Disneyland or the zoo, and are also friendly for air travel.

remember the other day, i mentioned a certain brand of bland and sad shortbread cookies? that same brand makes gluten free wafer cookies, which are a nostalgic favorite of mine. they are my mom's very favorite and always take me back. i chose a pack of hazelnut wafers on a whim and was super impressed. i can't wait to find myself back near a store that carries them again!

i recently experimented with earl grey shortbread cookies.
the flavor was great, but i don't think i liked leaving the tea leaves in the cookies. they aren't bad, and sky said they were great. i just don't love the little twigs that are periodically found! luckily, i ground the tea leaves so the twigs are few and far between!

how about some recent eats?
 mac and cheese with chicken sausage and parmesan edamame.

crispy rice pancake (seen first on Gliding Calm)
and eaten with plenty of this hot stuff

 breakfast for dinner (comfort food after some stressful news); hash browns, two turkey sausages, and one egg over medium with salt, pepper, and paprika.

rice with parmesan and peas

and now one of my favorite things to eat out around here. vietnamese! number 37 on the menu at our local best pho place. it's barbeque pork with rice noodles, veggies, and cool sweet broth to top it with. it comes with delicious crispy fried rice paper eggrolls and supah hot chili paste.

looking lovely!
all dumped into a mixing bowl so i could unabashedly slurp them up. it was not graceful, but it was delicious. 

last but not least, our darling mushi. he likes being upside down...

these were all taken within a minute of one another. weirdo dog! but he's adorable, so i guess it's okay!

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