Sunday, November 13, 2011

Gluten Free Potato Soup (And a Gluten Free Trip to Red Robin!)

ah, potato soup. its one of my favorite things on the planet. growing up, we made it with milk, butter, cheese, bacon, garlic, and onion. thats exactly how i made it up until the good doctor told me to lay off the cow dairy for awhile, while im adjusting to gluten free.
but i REALLY wanted potato soup.
so i had to figure out a new way, obviously. i made it up as i went along and came up with something thats pretty darn good. on a scale of 1-10, my regular, creamy, cheesy potato soup is a 12. this potato soup was an 8.5 or 9.
i cooked my onions and bacon until the onions were soft and the bacon bits crispy.
i boiled my chunks of peeled potato in a mixture of chicken and beef broth.
when the potatos started to fall apart on their own, i hauled out my hand mixer (because i like my potato soup smooth.)
pretty much at that point, i just seasoned it. it didnt need salt, because of the broth. lots of pepper. lots of garlic. seasoned with some franks red hot. the best part- a whole 4 ounce log of chevre (soft goat cheese.)
it was quite nice. i had some leftovers with nutritional yeast. for sure worth keeping on the regular rotation.
at some point i found some of my favorite, elusive, suckers.
caramel apple!
now heres the BEST meal of lately.
as a veteran (my hubby is active), we get free meals at a lot of restaurants for veterans day. so we went to red robin for our free cheeseburger. THEY HAD GLUTEN FREE UDIS BUNS. and SAFE fries.
i had a burger all the way and added pineapple and bacon.
maybe one of the best burgers ever.
i already want another one. im just trying to justify eating out again.
now, i didnt get a picture of last nights meal. but it was epic. we went to this gastropub nearby with a friend of mine that was visiting from out of town. the fish dish of the day was one of the only gluten friendly items. and oh, was it amazing. (it was supposed to be served in a breadbowl. i didnt do that.) it was an amazing tomato broth, slightly spicy, full of chunks of buttery red snapper, tender calamari, mussels, and crab claws. the chef served it with a potato and squash smash in the broth to replace the breadbowl for me.
i will dream of this dish for months to come.


  1. oh my goodness, they have those caramel apple suckers at the candy store here, but they have TWO FLAVORS. granny smith and a red one. mind blown? ..a little bit.

  2. thats amazing- ive heard of those flavors. they seem to be elusive. pick up a couple of the other flavors for me? you know red apples are always my fave!